Prague feels like no man’s land and it’s too late for me to figure out if the feeling is real or manifested by tiny quiet streets that aren’t really quiet. Seven or six story buildings tower over the cobblestone streets, but every forth doorway or so opens up to a bar or a tiny food market- the type that convenience stores grew out of, but the type that still sell fresh fruit too. Most of what I could hear as we wandered, looking for late night food, was the patter of Charlie’s sneakers as we walked, but the chatter of socialites buzzed as we passed each bar. I’m still confused as how the city could be so quiet with so much going on, as if the building absorbed the sound waves. 

This hostel is the first that really feels like a hostel and not some dumbed down hotel. Our bunks are made of wooden slants and upon check in we each received a set of three keys on a wooden stick from a Czech guy who spoke great English and knew just how to tie a top knot. Our sheets are navy blue and thick cotton and there are two and a half baths between the eighteen beds on this floor. Out back, out of our windows there appears to be a courtyard but we’ll find out in the morning. 

More than happy to have good internet again. As much as I loved Berlin, getting internet was an uphill struggle the entire time. More about Berlin soon, I promise, definitely less than before. And more about Prague, because tomorrow we explore. 

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  1. Steve Sandoval · July 5, 2017

    Hey little girl, hope your having the time of your life. Have fun and try to enjoy each moment.


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