Some days are better than others.

Today was a good day.

Friends’ help through the weekend lightened my spirit.  A burden feels lifted, though my heart knows another wave is always on it’s way, like I’m in the eye of a hurricane.  

I ate dinner, Thai curry, out of a cast iron skillet, the same in which the curry had sizzled over stove top.  Hastily I blew a few shallow breaths over a spoonful, tasting, then burning my tongue, so I retired to folding my makeshift bed while I waited for my food to cool.  But first, I realized how simple and practical the skillet is.  I hadn’t realized fully.  With the entirety of my apartment and kitchen supplies behind a steel roll-up door, one of the few things that remained out may just be the most important.  We shall see.  

On my way back to the shop in the tractor, a ragged white Avalon cut me off.  He’d replaced my space cushion with his car, and quickly I noticed an extremely rambunctious border collie in the backseat.  From side to side, the dog runs, leading his head and shoulders fully out the opened windows, but only for a matter of seconds does she pose.  She then hops back down from the door panel and gallops for the other side.  This goes on for minutes, amidst brake lights and raindrops. Is the dog unphased by the weather or has it caused this behavior?  I wondered.

I think that I’ll lose my mind if I have to watch this dog, its white chest so dramatically opposite against a black head.  Every movement popped before my eyes, window — seat seat seat — window — seat — window, back and forth she goes.  Finally, the Avalon cuts to the left lane and soon after, the dog is gone from sight.  I am a person, not a dog.  

Carrying my backpacking backpack full of clothes yesterday felt good.  Is it time?

More still to come.

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